Face Painters

Are you organizing an event and are having trouble thinking of booths and activity tables to have? Consider getting a face painting station! Face painting is great for nearly any event! Children's birthdays, festivals, school field days, Halloween parties and haunted houses, you name it! By hiring a professional face painter, you are guaranteed to have a ton of happy attendees at your event, who will be sporting a design unique to them.

One of the biggest draws of having a face painter is their versatility. While face painters are initially viewed as entertainers, they're actually extremely gifted as artists as well. Face painters are capable of creating a wide array of design—from superhero masks to a butterfly. From a tiger to the Minions from 'Despicable Me.' You could even get a Panther in blue and black in honor of the Carolina Panthers. And if you thought you had a lot of ideas for designs covering your full face, consider the possibilities when I tell you that you can also get a small cheek design, or even designs on your arms! If you can't think of what to get your face painted as, just ask the face painter and you can work out a completely unique and original design together—the benefits of working with an artist! Some face painters even have the capabilities for additional features such as jewelery, beads, airbrush face paint, and even henna tattoos (careful, though, henna takes almost a week to wash off so avoid getting these done on the face.)

Another great thing about face painters is that they get great work done in a very short amount of time. The average full face painting takes between five and ten minutes for them to administer, and even the most complex designs rarely take more than twelve minutes. Simple cheek face paint only takes a couple minutes at the most to do. Because of this, a single face painter can get through about 12-20 people in one hour, varying depending on how complex the designs get and depending on if people want to add something special or different to their design. That's a lot of people! If your event is big enough, you could also consider getting two face painters to double that time—although that's not always necessary.

If face painting isn't enough for your event, though, many face painting services offer many other services, including clown, balloon twisting, and magician services—all of which are a great addition to any party where children or pre-teens are involved.

Overall, chances are, if you are planning an event that you need to fill booths for, face painting is not only a safe bet, but a great idea! The sheer amount of variety in design choices will be enough to entertain your attendees for the remainder of the event, which will take a lot of weight off of your shoulders.

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