Children's Petting Zoos

We, as human beings, all love baby animals. We share photos of them over social media, we nickname our significant others after them, and we even have a thing called the Puppy Bowl that airs around the Super Bowl, where two teams of puppies try to beat each other at a game of football—seriously, look it up, you'll be glad you did. In fact, love might be too light of a word to describe how we feel about baby animals—a better way to put it might be to say that we're obsessed with baby animals. But even though we have this obsession, when is the last time any of us have seen a baby animal in person? Or fed one? Or...dare I say it—PET a baby animal? For the average person, baby animals are few and far between. Even the common puppy or kitten becomes an event to the average human being. Well, what if I told you that there were a place that you could pet as many baby animals as you wanted for an hour straight?

We know, we know. Settle down. We have a lot to discuss. Petting zoos are a fun, inexpensive way to live out our dreams and pet all of the baby animals. Petting zoos have a wide range of animals, from baby cows, chicks, ducklings, goats, piglets, and puppies to free range peacocks, camels, emus, and alpacas. The variety can become even more remarkable depending on which petting zoo you are looking at—many of them have many different kinds of animals that most people rarely ever see in a lifetime.

Petting zoos are great, hands-on, and educational places that are great for hosting events such as children's birthday parties, school field trips, and team-building exercises. Because the staff at petting zoos are well-trained and educated in the proper care, biology, behaviors, and history of the animals at the petting zoo, they have a lot to tell excited children who are eager to learn about their favorite animals.

An important thing to remember about attending a petting zoo is to respect the animals. It's easy to get carried away at a petting zoo and aggressively pet or try to hug and squeeze them—or to try to overfeed certain animals or even antagonize them. But one must constantly keep themselves in check and be sure to keep the animals are comfortable with how one interacts with them, otherwise the animals might not want anyone to touch it at all, and what's the point of it being at a petting zoo if it doesn't want to be touched? So be respectful and responsible with the babies.

Petting zoos are a great way for us to get educated about baby animals while having fun and being able to pet and feed them. It sounds like a dream come true, and that's because it is!

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